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Source: HanCinema- Korea's Top Ten Most Popular Films of 2013

HanCinema's Film News- Korea's Top Ten Most Popular Films of 2013

I've marked the ones I've seen in Blue
Source: Hancinema

10. Man on Edge
Director: Jo Jin-kyoo ("My Wife Is a Gangster", "Who's Got the Tape?")
Genre: Comedy
Length: 128min
Stars: Park Shin-yang, Kim Jeong-tae, Eom Ji-won, Jeong Hye-yeong
Release Date: 01/09
Gross: $25.9M
Weeks in Top 10: 5

I like Park Shin Yang. Maybe one day, this will surface. So far, no where to be seen. It is always hard to find some of these top box office movies.

9. The New World
Director: Park Hoon-jeong-I ("The Showdown")
Genre: Thriller
Length: 134min
Stars: Lee Jeong-jae, Choi Min-sik, Hwang Jeong-min, Park Seong-woong
Release Date: 02/21
Gross: $31.2M
Weeks in Top 10: 8

On my PTW list to review, hopefully next year. It is available on Gooddrama and Netflix

8. Cold Eyes
Director:  Jo Eui-seok ("The World of Silence") & Kim Byeong-seo
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Length: 118min
Stars: Seol Kyeong-gu, Jeong Woo-seong, Han Hyo-joo, Jin Kyeong
Release Date: 07/03
Gross: $37.3M
Weeks in Top 10: 5
I was probably less enamored with this movie than most. Although I like Jeong Woo-Seong's character, he was probably the only one for me. Action/Crime is my favorite genre and I'm super picky about these type of movies. Others were probably more impressed than me. I rated this a 6 on MDL. It is available on Videoweed.

7. The Terror Live
Director: Kim Byeong-woo ("WRITTEN")
Genre: Action, Thriller
Length: 98min
Stars: Ha Jeong-woo, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Jeon Hye-jin-II, Choi Jin-ho-I
Release Date: 07/31
Gross: $37.7M
Weeks in Top 10: 5
I'm a big fan of Ha Jeong Woo but I haven't seen this yet. Still on the hunt as to where I can watch this subbed. Stay tuned.

6. Hide and Seek
Director: Huh Jung
Genre: Thriller
Length: 108min
Stars: Son Hyeon-joo, Moon Jeong-hee, Jeon Mi-seon
Release Date: 08/14
Gross: $37.5M
Weeks in Top 10: 4
I like Jeon Mi Seon and recently Son Hyeon-joo is added to my actors to watch list because of Empire of Gold. Alas, another one that I am on the hunt for with English subs.

5. Secretly and Greatly
Director: Jang Cheol-soo ("Bedevilled")
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Length: 123min
Stars: Kim Soo-hyeon-I, Park Ki-woong, Lee Hyun-woo, Son Hyeon-joo
Release Date: 06/05
Gross: $46.1M
Weeks in Top 10: 6
This was definitely a movie that I liked less than most. My favorite character was especially Lee Hyun-woo as the trainee assassin. Loved him! As I am not an uber fan of Kim Soo Hyeon or Park Ki Woong, their portrayals didn't woo me as much (see review)

4. The Berlin File
Director: Ryoo Seung-wan ("The Unjust", "Dachimawa Lee", "The City of Violence")
Genre: Action
Length: 120min
Stars: Ha Jeong-woo, Han Seok-Kyu, Ryoo Seung-beom, Jeon Ji-hyeon
Release Date: 01/30
Gross: $49.6M
Weeks in Top 10: 7
This was definitely the year of the action movies. Another movie I haven't seen yet but is on my PTW list to review for next year. It has several of my favorite actors; again Ha Jeong-woo but Han Seok-Kyu (who I recently loved in My Pavarotti) and of course Jeon Ji-hyeon (currently in Man from the Stars). This is available on Darksmurfsub and Gooddrama.

3. The Face Reader
Director: Han Jae-rim ("The Show Must Go on", "Rules of Dating")
Genre: Historical, Drama
Length: 140min
Stars: Song Kang-ho, Lee Jeong-jae, Baek Yoon-sik, Jo Jeong-seok
Release Date: 09/11
Gross: $62.6M
Weeks in Top 10: 6
Boy, talk about a movie that truly puts the brutality of Grand Prince Su Yang into prospective?!! I think I watched this out of curiosity because I had heard so much about it. It blew me away and that ending? BRUTAL! This is available on Darksmurfsub.

2. Snowpiercer
Director: Bong Joon-ho ("Mother - 2009", "The Host", "Memories of Murder")
Genre: Action, Drama, Science Fiction
Length: 125min
Stars: Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton
Release Date: 08/01
Gross: $63.5M
Weeks in Top 10: 8
This is on the TOP of my PTW list for next year. As soon as I can find it, I definitely plan on reviewing. With such a cast to include Ed Harris, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt as well as Song Kang-ho (definitely one of my movie favorites), I will be really excited to watch this one. Stay tuned.

1. Miracle in Cell No. 7
Director: Lee Hwan-gyeong ("Champ", "Lump sugar", "The Guy was Cool")
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Length: 127min
Stars: Ryoo Seung-ryong, Gal So-won, Oh Dal-soo, Park Sin-hye
Release Date: 01/23
Gross: $86.7M
Weeks in Top 10: 11
I have no excuse! I've had the downloaded, subbed version of this movie on my computer for months! I definitely plan on watching next year for review. This surfaces from time to time online but generally is taken down just as fast. Stay tuned.

My thoughts: Well, I have my work cut out for myself. I've only watched a piddly 3 movies off this list. But it gives me some new insight into movies that I might just need to check out or move up my PTW list. 2014 should be really exciting for the movie watcher!

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