Friday, March 21, 2014

KBSWorld-Global Reach to Non-Korean Audiences Available on YouTube

Variety and other Interesting Shows Available on YouTube 
By KBSWorld

It seems that South Korea is finally recognizing the vast amount of non-Koreans that are watching their shows. A lot of shows and dramas may have been on youtube for awhile but it is only recently that more and more shows are now being made available with English subbing and some with Chinese subbing.  Here are just a few:

Link to playlist: Pit A Pat Korean 2

This program is a 10-minute show on the Korean language targetted at the global audience who are interested in learning about Korean culture and language. Hosted by Ka Eran, an announcer at KBS, the program introduces daily conversational Korean expressions through popular Korean dramas and K-pop lyrics. Moreover, the show is sure to spark the interest of its viewers with its bits on K-pop stars and other celebrities who have appeared in Korean dramas.

Haven't watched this yet. One day I will put aside the dramas and watch it. What better way to learn Korean, the free way through programming directly from there.

Link to playlist: The Return of Superman

Fathers may not be perfect.. but that's alright if they aren't perfect! There's nothing like a father's love to boost our spirits. The dads who used to spend all their time working have returned home on 'The Return of Superman

I've watched only a couple of episodes and this is pure fun! Except for one of the fathers, Im not familiar with any of the others but boy it is fun to watch them struggle with the "little" things!

Link to playlist: Screening Humanity
"Screening Humanity" is a new kind of documentary that is a continuous series of thirty-minute episodes and is different from 60-minute documentaries that end with a final conclusion. Different from the cold viewpoint of the camera that follows the serene everyday life of the main characters, the view in the camera lens is like an episode of a drama. "Screening Humanity" is the view through a microscope. The lens captures the everyday life of our surroundings and presents the people's story.

The show that I have watched, "Road to Alaska", was thought provoking. Imagine picking up all of your possessions (including your dogs) and moving to Alaska to the harsh climes and unforgiving landscape to do what you love to do best: mushing. No family, no command of the language and a totally foreign country. I applaud this couple!

To see all of the other shows available, check out KBSWorld YouTube page for more!

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