Friday, September 6, 2013

"Medical Top Team" stares into the monitor

"Medical Top Team" stares into the monitor

All the cast for "Medical Top Team" stared into the monitors with fire in their eyes. These are behind the scene cuts of the MBC drama set revealed on September 6th.

Stars Kwon Sang-woo (Park Tae-sin), Jeong Ryeo-won (Seo Joo-yeong), Joo Ji-hoon (Han Seung-jae), Minho (Kim Seong-woo) and Jo Woo-ri (Yeo Min-ji) can be seen monitoring themselves on a small screen. The way they are staring into the screen makes them look like they have fire in their eyes.

The teamwork of "Medical Top Team" is outstanding, according to a staff on site. The cast makes sure they follow up on their scenes until they get the perfect picture.

Meanwhile, "Medical Top Team" starts on the 2nd of October.

Source: and Hancinema

My Thoughts  Dramafever will definitely be bringing this to their site. No word on Viki but I'm sure all of the other sites like Gooddrama and Dramastyle will have it too. 

There are two reasons I will be watching this drama and two reasons only: Jeong Ryeo-won and Joo Ji-hoon! Not a super fan of Kwon Sang-woo. I find myself always watching his dramas because of someone else on the cast. I guess I'll continue that trend. Also looking forward to Minho in a more adult role (sorry, I couldn't finish To the Beautiful You). So this drama is definitely top on my PTW list come October!


  1. I can't wait to watch this drama! Something to look forward to this October :D

  2. My exact thoughts. Only watching for JRW and JJH.
    KSW always cries too much in his dramas, and for his last two dramas, he practically played the same role.
    And LOL, I read a joke somewhere that he probably has a fetish for playing twins or something (Cinderella Man, then Queen of Ambition). So hopefully, no twin character comes popping out in this drama.

    1. You are so right!! I forgot he was a twin in QOA (which I didn't watch)! That's pretty funny!