Friday, November 29, 2013

Noonas Over Flowers" Available in US on Hulu from December 2nd!

Source: Hancinema

New Season of Hit Reality Show Follows Top South Korean Actresses Backpacking Through Eastern Europe. Not only does it hit the screen but it will be shown on Hulu! New Episodes Available Every Monday for HuluPlus subscribers and available for general users by Wednesday.

tvN is back with the second season of its hit star backpacking reality show, now called Noonas Over Flowers, airing on November 29th in South Korea.

Following the breakout success of last season's Grandpas Over Flowers which featured four elderly male actors traveling together in Taiwan, Na Yong-suk PD returns with South Korea's top actresses. Featured in the stellar casts are Kim Ja-ok (Ojakgyo Brothers, Hick Kick), Yoon Yeo-jeong (Queen's Classroom, King 2Hearts), Kim Hee-ae (A Wife’s Credentials, Midas), and Lee Mi-yeon  (Merchant Kim Man Deok, Crazy for You) along with this season's designated luggage boy played by popular actor and singer Lee Seung-gi (man needs no introduction).

"I wanted to cast actresses who have been through major ups and downs in their career", said Na Young-suk PD. "Viewers will be able to relate to much of the actresses' genuine excitement, happiness, and emotions throughout the show". According to Na PD, the dynamic between youngest sister Lee Mi-yeon and luggage boy Lee Seung-gi is a must see due to their polarizing personalities.

The show follows the four "noonas" accompanied by their hapless assistant Lee Seung-gi on a ten day trip to Croatia.

Noonas Over Flowers will be available on Hulu from December 2nd. New episodes will be updated on a weekly basis. To watch the show visit and search "Noonas Over Flowers".

My thoughts: Again, Hulu is making me not regret my subscription! I was so hoping to find this subbed somewhere so I can watch at home, on my TV. I guess they realized how many of us is watching GoF on their website. I am so happy with their choices lately as they are bringing more and movies as well as dramas that cannot be found anywhere else readily subbed! Again, the subscription is so worth it to me!!


  1. T.T Hulu isn't available in Canada!!

  2. where is nof on hulu. is it on the site or not>? cause i can't find it

    1. I asked Hulu the same thing and I was told they will start on Noonas once they are done with Grandpas Over Flowers. Not sure how many more ep there are of that. I've watched the 10 available.

    2. I see. Well there is episode 11 and 12 for the 2nd trip to end and episodes 13 and 14 which are episodes about both trips. some behind the scenes stuff and such..But since they are on episode 10 for a while now I don't think they are gonna sub nof pretty soon.

  3. Do u know why Hulu didnt upload GoF ep 11?