Friday, December 6, 2013

Kim Jae Wook-When WILL the man EVER get the GIRL?!!!!

Always a Groomsman; Never the Groom..Change Agencies and Make the fans Happy!

Filmography (I've seen)
Upcoming 2014 Age Of Feeling (supporting role)
2013 Who Are You (supporting role)
2010 Mary Stayed Out All Night (supporting role)
2010 Bad Guy (supporting role)
2008 Antique Bakery
2008 The Kingdom Of The Winds (supporting role)
2007 Coffee Prince (supporting role)
2007 Dal Ja's Spring (supporting role)

Rant Begins:

AGAIN?!! WHY??!! With the announcement of Kim Jae Wook being added to the cast, my feelings were two-fold. First excitement that I was going to see him again in a drama but it quickly followed with dismay and anger as I thought once again a good actor would be cheated out of an opportunity to excel and show his ability as a leading man; a leading man who actually gets "the girl"!

As you can see, I've seen Kim Jae Wook several times in dramas and once in a movie. As stated, all of the roles were supporting or brief (Dal Ja's Spring). But one thing was certain. In each and every role, I totally remembered his character with love and affection. From the first time I laid eyes on him in Bad Guy as the poor, suffering and unloved Hong Tae Sung:
Loved Moon Jae In but she loved Shim Gun Wook
Next we had Mary Stayed Out All Night where he played Jung In:
Not only did he love Mary but he actually got married to her!
In Coffee Prince, he played No Sun Ki:
Okay, we get to ASSUME he gets the girl!
In Who Are You, he played Lee Hyun Joon:
Not only was he dead! But to add insult to injury, he got to watch his beloved fall for another man!
But it couldn't get worse than the fact that the only time I've seen him successfully win the one he loved was in Antique Bakery. Pictures speaks a thousand words:
So, even though I have excitement towards the upcoming Age of Feeling, don't be surprised as I think ahead of how the story will go and this best reflects my current expression:
I hope to hell I am proven wrong but we won't know until next month when the drama starts. Please, writer-nim, prove me wrong....PLEASE?
Rant Over!


  1. I really am surprised by how few major roles he's really had as he is so talented. He stole my heart in Bad Guy, poor man. Of course, I knew him from before that drama thanks to Coffee Prince, Dal Ja, and Antique. But he really does have such amazing acting chops.

    I actually disliked the drama Marry Me, Mary. I remember Moon Geun Young complaining at an awards show where I think she and JGS won a popular couple's award that people shouldn't look at ratings, but at the effort of cast and crew. Um. Well, ratings don't necessarily prove the worth of the drama, but trust me, it was just bad. I particularly hated how Jung In never got a chance. Look at all he did for the girl just to get trampled on and rejected. Sigh.

    And then I stopped watching Who Are You because (I didn't like the female lead, her acting, or just how silly some of the plot was) poor Kim Jae Wook didn't end up in a leading, lead role like I had hoped.

    Considering the other cast for this drama...I doubt he'll have a major leading role, but since it *is* an ensemble piece, there's hope, right?

    1. I'm holding out for that hope too! *deep sigh*

  2. He was the best part of Who Are You and the only reason I watched the show. Its a crying shame he doesn't get the attention he deserves. Great post btw :)