Friday, October 11, 2013

Coming to N. America-Yoo Ah-in's movie, "Tough as Iron"

"Tough as Iron" Starring Yoo Ah-in is Coming to N. America beginning 10/11!

Upcoming movie "Tough as Iron" which stars Yoo Ah-in has been released in North America today, October 11, 2013! The movie was released in S. Korea last week and has received rave reviews from critics and moviegoers.

Despite a hard life working on the docks, GANG Cheol (Yoo Ah-in) is a young man with an indomitable spirit taking care of his sick mother Soo-ni (Kim Hae-sook) and relying on his bravado to carry him through.

He is able to momentarily forget his precarious reality when he meets Suji (Jeong Yu-mi, a free-spirit who walks into his corner of rough-and-tumble Busan and paints a very different picture of life from the one he has known. His mental vacation is short-lived, however, when his mother's sickness suddenly worsens and his best friend Jongsu gets deeply indebted to Yakuza loan sharks. Money, and lots of it, which he has never had, is the solution to both problems.

For a man whose name means "IRON", Cheol must decide how far to bend if he wants to save the most important people in his life. In "Tough as Iron", blood and money are the ties that bind each and every character, but this warm-hearted dramatic actioner draws the audience to some surprising conclusions.

Source: Hancinema 

My Thoughts
I've yet to see a YAI movie that I didn't like. I imagine this will pull at our heartstrings as it will show the love a son has for his mother as well as the love a mother has for her son; definitely a win-win combination. Luckily, this is showing a short distance from where I work so I'm considering going to it next week. If I do, I'll be sure to review it. If you are interested in whether it is showing in your neighborhood, check out the Official English Website for locations.

Thanks to CJ Entertainment, I'll be going to see this at the local theater with free passes! Can't wait!!

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