Thursday, October 17, 2013

Empress Ki Photos from Upcoming Drama Starting October 21st

Empress Ki  is Almost Here!!

Depicts the loves and battles of Empress Ki who exercises her influence in the Yuan Dynasty. Empress Ki is from Goryeo.

Ha Ji-Won  as Empress Ki
Joo Jin-Mo as King Chunghye of Goryeo
Ji Chang-Wook as Emperor Huizong of Yuan
Kim Seo-Hyung as Empress Dowager
Jin Lee-Han as Tal-Tal
Jung Woong-In as Yeom Byung-Soo
Kim Young-Ho as Baek An
Choi Moo-Sung as Park Bool-Hwa
Lee Won-Jong as Eunuch Dok Man Jil A

Yoon Ah-Jung as Princess Kyung-Hwa

T-5 Days and Counting!!



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    1. I can't wait either! I just hope it is not overhyped! I would hate to me disappointed.