Friday, October 4, 2013

Jeong Dong-hyeon in his first role as Min Chi-Ho in "Basketball"

Looking Forward to "Basketball"
Actor Jeong Dong-hyeon, a former model takes on the role of elite star basketball player Min Chi-ho in the upcoming tvN drama "Basketball".

"Basketball" is directed by the director of "The Slave Hunters" about the period in Korea where the nations self esteem was high in the clouds with basketball. Jeong Dong-hyeon becomes the rival with Do Ji-han (Kang San). In addition to Jeong Dong-hyeon, the cast includes Do Ji-han, Lee Elliya, Yeeun, Ji Il-joo, Kong Hyeong-jin, Kim Eung-soo, Ahn Seok-hwan and more. "Basketball" starts on the 21st of October.

Source: and Hancinema

Me and my sports-themed dramas! They are so far and few between but I think I've seem them all; I might not have liked them all but I've made every attempt to watch them. But "Basketball", I have high hopes because Do Ji-han did such an impressive job in Incarnation of Money, that I know he will excel here. Plus, it takes place in the same era as Bridal Mask and Capital Scandal which I loved!  I really don't know anything about Jeong Dong-hyeon but we will see.

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