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Upcoming Empress Qi Starring Ha Ji Won in October, 2013

Upcoming Empress Qi News
Formerly known as "Hwatu" 
Ha Ji Won  as Empress Qi
Joo Jin Mo as Chung-hae

Lee Won-jong as Chool-yeon 

Jin I-han as Tal-tal

Directed by Han Heui (Dr Jin, Over the Rainbow, and Super Rookie)
Screenplay by Jang Yeong-cheol and Jeong Kyeong-soon (Incarnation of Money, Giant, and Salaryman)
Episodes 60 Episodes - Mon, Tue

A drama about Queen Gi the 'iron lady' who dominated the Yuan Dynasty established by Genghis Khan for 37 years. 

Our leading lady is Ha Ji-won of SBS drama "Secret Garden" and MBC drama "King2Hearts". She will play Qi Empress, a lady from the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) who becomes the empress of the Yuan Dynasty of China.  The empress was known to have kept her self-esteem as a Goryeo descendant abroad while showing love and political ambition at the same time. 

"Through [recreating] the little-known love story of Qi Empress, we can present a different kind of charisma from Ha Ji-won", said a member of the production staff, according to local media reports.

Actor Joo Jin-mo takes on the role of the 28th king, Chung-hae. He was the king from the Goryeo times and is known to have many conflicts with the emperor of Yuan for Queen Qi.

Actor Jin I-han has been cast in the role of Tal-tal. He is a scholar, full of wisdom and knowledge; however he is tricked into helping Empress Qi and helps develop Yuan. Expect to see some action with this character as Tal-tal is an expert in martial arts and sword play.

Jung Woong In (Queen Seondeok, Ojakgyo Brother) and Lee Won Jong (Vampire Prosecutor, Heaven's Order) are also part of the cast. More information to come on their roles as it comes out.

Source: Hancinema

Empress Qi is set to be aired in October after "Goddess Of Fire Jeongi".

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