Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Abandoned Pictures on Twitter-Fun and Eerie!

I love this Abandoned Pictures on Twitter!!
If you are not familiar with AbandonedPics_ on twitter, you are in for a treat! I've been following the twitter account for about a month, I must say that the photography is some of the best I've seen when it comes to strange and unusual pictures. Sometimes the pictures can be down right fun:
Abandoned Ship in Kazakhstan along the Aral Sea
Underwater tribute honoring the African slaves thrown overboard in Grenada
To the down right macabre:
Abandoned in a kindergarten near Chernobyl
Bare foot prints in an abandoned nuclear reactor
I could go on and on. Some really neat, strange and scary pictures! Here are some more I'd like to share:
Abandoned Mental Hospital
Psychiatric ward hallway in East Sussex, England
Dental office in Detroit, Michigan
Church underwater in Lago di Resia, Italy
A classroom in Chernobyl

If you are on twitter, follow AbandonedPics_, you'll never be surprised by what you will see!!

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