Thursday, August 1, 2013

So What's Next!!!

Now that Cruel City *tears* is over, What's Next?!!

Less than 24 hours later, waking up to a dark, gloomy and rainy day, what's next after the end of Cruel City/Heartless City? If you haven't watched this drama and you are a fan of the Action/Suspense drama, this is a MUST-SEE!! But what's next for me? Even though I am still suffering from the pains and heart-aches, I must turn to next week and the leave behind my new love, Yoon Hyun Min (Cutie Soo for those in the know) and turn to my old and continuing loves of Lee Jun Ki  and So Ji Sub as BOTH return to the screen in what may continue to be an exciting year for drama!!

My first drama sweetheart, Lee Jun Ki returns as Jang Tae-San, a man falsely accused of murder who recently learns that he has a daughter, suffering from leukemia. For the next two weeks, he will be struggling to save his daughter and ultimately clear his name.

My Excitement
Three words: Lee Jun Ki!! As I have stated, he was and remains my first drama love! I am SO excited that he returns to the genre that I think he excels in because of his abilities in the martial arts as well as projecting excitement! I will definitely be curious how the writers handle the story line as the drama is only 16 episodes. The writing better be super tight! I'm also excited to see the other cast of Kim So Yeon, Ryu Soo Young (who I'm familiar with) and Park Ha Sun (who I've only seen in Advertising Genius). I especially can't wait to see Tae-San's interaction with his little daughter, Soo-Jin because what else can pull at your heartstrings is little child actors!! What is worse, little child actors as SICK children!!
What could be better than a little horror!!?? Dramaland sure was thinking about me this year and for my birthday, I get to see my second drama love, So Ji Sub return, not only in a different type of drama but with one of my absolutely favorite leading ladies,  Gong Hyo Jin! 2013 just got better and the loss of Cruel City has definitely been lessen with this drama entrance into my "Currently Viewing" list.

The story revolves around a woman who can see ghosts and a man who tries to protect her, and is described as a drama with horror and romantic elements infused together. So Ji Sub plays the miserly, greedy, and conceited CEO Joo Joong Won (what else is new on this character description), who measures all human relationships through money. Gong Hyo Jin will play the melancholy and tearful assistant Tae Gong Shil, who is able to see ghosts after an accident and thus suffers from insomnia.

My Excitement
Exactly how much time will I spend sighing as I watch So Ji Sub on the screen and actually watching the drama?!! Horror is not one of my favorite genre, anyone who knows me knows this; however, you add these two in the mix, it guarantees that I will be watching with ALL THE LIGHTS turned on! You betcha!!

Honorable Mention

Love the main cast! Especially Joo Sang Wook and Joo Won; have mad respect for Moon Chae Won but my excitement level for this is really not that high. Even though I love Joo Won; Joo Sang Wook playing second lead does bother me but a man got to work! So if I drop Who Are You (like I have a feeling I will be), I will definitely be picking this up. Haven't seen a teaser, preview or nothing so I'm going into this blind!

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