Friday, January 10, 2014

Drama Love? Bad Choices!

When the Love of an Actor Takes Over Your Drama Sanity
Top 10 Dramas I Hated But Watched Because.....

You ever watch a drama and wonder why in the world you did? Okay, maybe it is just me. Sometimes I just can't help it! There are some actors (I'll highlight them in blue) that I will watch them shovel dirt and be happy; others I will watch a horrible drama or movie and curse the director or writer for putting together such trash! This time I will stick to dramas; short and sweet, to the point. Here are top 10 dramas that I hated but watched them...well, you will see why.

10. And we have a tie!!
Who Are You and P.S. Man
I've already admitted, the main reason I watched Who Are You was because it was Kim Jae Wook's return to the screen. But from one episode to another, I just couldn't stand it. Wasn't a fan of either Taecyeon or So Yi Hyun but I had seen them in other dramas. What didn't work for me was the romance, the story, the romance (okay, I already said that), the lack of speaking of Kim Jae Wook's character; HELL the ghosts in Master's Sun spoke more than he did! When the finally episode was viewed, I just didn't care anymore.

P.S. Man goes down in the records as a drama with a lead female with the most annoying voice EVER! I felt blood running down from my ears every time she screeched! I just couldn't see what the fuss was with not one but two handsome guys in the form of Blue Lan and James Wen vying for her attention. WWHHYY?!! I finally got to the point where I was fast forwarding through the episodes just to see Xiao Xiao Bin and Blue Lan interact. They were so, so cute!

Full House 2
I don't know what was worse: the bad hair, bad chemistry between the leads, bad story line; HELL, the whole thing was bad. It is no wonder it took a year for the drama to be released. I think it would have been better to be left on the cutting room floor and dumped. I only watched for Hwang Jung Eum; Park Ki Woong was a special added treat. But even the combination of those two couldn't save this drama. From episode to episode, I just wanted to fire the stylist!

Fated to Love You
I know this is a favorite of a lot of people and I am definitely going against the crowd on this one. Well for me, that is not unusual as I dislike a lot of the popular dramas (I'm such an un-romantic!). I love Ethan Ruan and Chen Joe! This drama started on such a high and good note but then they introduced the worse ex-girlfriend in the history of drama! From that point on (the accident for those who saw it), I just couldn't forget what An Na (played by Bai Bianca) had done! And forgiving Cun Xi (played by Ethan Ruan) for getting back with her, just left a HUGH lump in my throat! By the end, I just wanted Xin Yi (played by Chen Joe) to live happily without Cun Xi!

Bad Love
I was fairly new to drama when I watched this one. The terminology that we fondly use to identify dramas was new to me. I'd never heard the term makjang before but I wish I had before I watched this one. Note to my drama family: Never watch a drama like this after a personal tragedy in your family. BIG MISTAKE!! While I love Lee Yo Won and have respect for Kwon Sang Woo, their performance and this drama will forever be remembered as the biggest mistake I ever made. This drama was depressing and if you are already depressed, there is no hope in sight!

A Thousand Kisses
I just don't know what to say about this drama! Just read the MDL reviews. They pretty much say the same thing. This drama started out like gangbusters in the beginning. The chemistry between the couples was amazing! From Woo Bin (played by Ji Hyun Woo) and Joo Young (played by Seo Young Hee) to Joo Mi (played by Kim So Eun) and Woo Jin (played by Ryu Jin), I definitely do not fault the acting.

 For the first 20-25 episodes, I happily watched as the story unfolded; however, as with most dramas with complicated story lines, I'm not sure if the writer changed or was forced to change the story but what was once a great story devolved into a huge mess! It was at that point where the love was lost, not only for the drama but probably the writer forever.

A Tale of Two Sisters/Sweet Spring
Also known as the biggest waste of my time! The difficulty with watching a daily drama is sometimes you watch it too long before dropping it. After Park Se Young did such a wonderful job in Faith, I was really looking forward to her. Every synopsis you read tells you to expect such a wonderful love story, even the drama poster projects that lie. Alas, that is not what happen. This drama turned out to be the biggest (and worse) example of forgiveness and redemption I'd seen! The evil sister Ye Rin, (played by Lee Hae In) got off easy. Death was just too good for the bitch!

Ohhlala Couple
Any divorce woman out there should never, I repeat NEVER watch this drama. My love for Kim Jung Eun (who plays Yeo Ok) has been truly tested after watching this crap of a drama. And that pathetic ending? I really shouldn't have been surprised. The writing was on the wall for me when they extended the drama. I realize that the writer knew that they made Goo Soo Nam (played by Shin Hyun Joon) so hated that there were going to be very few viewers on his side and also they made Hyun Woo oppa (played by Han Jae Suk) so perfect that no one would understand the logic of Yeo Ok's decision. Well, guess what? I don't understand it! I could forgive (not forget) the affair, but his overall attitude and feelings before his supposed change? No way. The acting was good, story was crap! TEAM OPPA 4EVA

What Happened in Bali
What can happen when two of your favorite drama loves, Ha Ji Won and So Ji Sub are in a drama together? Well, their drama can make your most hated drama list. I already know that other people actually liked this drama. Again, maybe it was the time period in which I watched this drama but I never liked the story, couldn't get into the characters and most of all, I wanted to join Jae Min (played by Jo In Sung) on the beach at that last moment of the drama (if you seen it, you know what I mean).

Fashion King

Yoo Ah In was the main draw for me and the only reason that I watched this. Shin Se Kyung cannot act her way out of a paper bag! I'm not sure why she keeps getting roles; I guess being pretty trumps acting ability! Please, Please Please! Save your soul! DON'T WATCH THIS PIECE OF CRAP!! I am so disappointed in the writers who I will remember forever as having wasted my life on this drivel crap! I should have known better once I found out that the writers also wrote What Happened In Bali. That should have been a BIG WARNING BELL! I cannot believe the outcome! Writers, take heed, I will NEVER, EVER WATCH A DRAMA WRITTEN BY YOU AGAIN!!

Crazy Love
First of all, as the old saying goes, "I didn't have any pony in this race". I was really watching this drama because I'd seen both leads, Park Sun Young and Go Se Won in other dramas. I was really excited to see Go Se Won, who I feel is very handsome in a lead drama. But no one could prepare me for a drama that truly explored the worse in human beings. From infidelity and physical abuse to kidnapping of children and murder. It doesn't matter how many times I tell people NOT to watch this drama, my discussions on this drama STILL is my number one post! I..DON'T..GET..IT!

I don't expect anyone to agree with me, as a matter of fact I know a lot of twitter and facebook friends that disagree. But I blame it on my disinterest in romance stories as sadly, most of these dramas were supposed to be romances but I just didn't have any love for them!


  1. For whatever reason, I'll disagree about Full House Take 2. My thinking on one of the reasons I enjoyed the drama so much was that it could be attributed to the fact that May Queen was sinking fast and was so flipping annoying and depressing that I needed something like that drama to pick my spirits out of the dredges. Sure, the costumes sucked and the hairstyles..aigoo. But, it had its charm even with its bad plot points and the ex-girlfriend who should have never been introduced.

    Oddly enough...out of all the dramas on this list, I've attempted watching them all (save for PS Man, Oohlala Couple, Fashion King & Sweet Springs) and haven't finished any of them save for Crazy Love and Full House Take 2. Although, I was definitely planning on finishing Fated to Love You, Bad Love, and 1,000 Kisses...dare I try that if they made your top 10 list?

    I do have to say that I think a draw to a particular actor can pull me into a drama, but if I can't get into a drama, I won't finish it. Not even for that actor's sake. I won't even attempt dramas even with an actor I love if the plot and other cast don't necessarily interest me...not that you can really believe plot summaries, teasers, or posters (as in your Sweet Springs case).

    My love for Kim Jae Wook was not enough to keep me watching Who Are You. I Am still debating an angry rant about the absurdities of that drama. I didn't mind the female lead too much in Gloria, but didn't like her in Heartstrings and I HATED her in this drama. Her acting? Meh! Taecyeon's acting is improving, but even my love of him for himself couldn't keep me vested. Nope. Although I think his acting was better than our leading lady's. Something about her just grates me the wrong way.

    Speaking of actresses who keep getting roles for some unfathomable reason...I have that feeling about the two female leads of May Queen. They both can't really act and yet they get leading roles. Go figure.

    Okay, done leaving you an extra-long comment. It's been a while since I griped on your blog :P Or...maybe this is my first time griping, because we found each other before we fell hard out of love with Crazy Love.

    1. We did! And at least meeting you and missienelly are the two saving grace of the drama! Here's hoping we can find Angel's Revenge!! My cat toys have been sadly neglected lately!!