Friday, June 14, 2013

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling all Drama Watchers

Dramas I'm Looking Forward to Watching but Cannot Find!!

Okay my fellow drama watchers! Since I began watching dramas and chatting with others on twitter and Facebook, I could always depend on you to find movies, dramas, whatever for me. So, on bended knees, I need your help!! Here are three dramas that I am desperately looking for with English subs. I've looked at all of the sites I know and so far I've not found one. So with your vast sources and experience, help a drama sister find these dramas!!

Thorn Flower
Jang Shin Young as Se Mi
Seo Do Young as Nam Joon

120 episodes - Mon~Thu
 Native title: 가시꽃 
Also Known as: Spine Flower ; Thorny Flower; Spineflower  source: MyDramalist

A drama about an innocent female going through unfortunate events and becoming a femme fatale, taking revenge on huge companies and powerful people.  

If you know me, you know I absolutely love these super-melos as I call them. Shin Young, I remember her from I am Legend, one of my favorite and first dramas. I was really excited to see her in a leading role. Do Young has the distinction of being in the only drama Spring Waltz of the Seasons series that I really liked. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT TO WATCH THIS!!!

Ugly Alert/Bravo My Life
Choi Yoon Young as Gong Jin Joo
Im Joo Hwan as Gong Joon Soo
Shin So Yool as Shin Joo Yeong
Kang So Ra as Na Do Hee
Choi Tae Joon as Gong Hyeon Seok

120 episodes - Mon~Fri
Formerly known as "Bravo My Life" (브라보 마이라이프, beu-ra-bo ma-i-la-i-peu) and "My Ugly Brother" (못난이 울오빠, mot-nan-i ul-oppa)  source: Hancinema

A drama that shows the meaning of family and how everyone within that frame understand and heal each other although sometimes they can be jealous and ignore each other. 

This is Joo Hwan's return since military service! Why isn't anyone carrying this? I was hoping Viki would pick it up but that doesn't seen likely. I have not found it on Dramacrazy and if you know me, I hate that site with all of those pop-ups but like Mandate of Heaven, I'm willing to make another exception. So where can I find this?!!

Sweet Springs
Yu Geon as Ha Jae Seong
Park Se Young as Choi Se Yeong

120 episodes - Mon~Fri
Native title: 지성이면 감천 
Also Known as: Jiseongimyeon Gamcheon ; Sincerity Is The Way Of Heaven ; Sincerity Moves Heaven. source: MyDramalist

A drama about the lead adopted character going through confusion between his real family and adopted family but then finds his true identity by making his own family.  

I know, what is it with me and these daily dramas?!! I don't know. I have found a genre that I really, really like. I've yet to be totally unsatisfied with these family dramas. And add Yu Geon (who I liked in the drama Fight and a few movies) and Se Yeong (who we all adored in Faith); this makes for a great combination. 

So, c'mon fellow drama watchers, if you have seen any of these dramas subbed, help a drama sister out!! 

Ugly Alert: 

Found that DarkSmurfSubs now offers online watching! I found Ugly Alert (79 ep subbed) and Thorn Flower (29 ep being subbed and synced). And Finally: Sweet Spring (98 ep subbed)!! This made me happy!


  1. I've been interested in Ugly Alert/Bravo My Life too. From what I've found, DramaCrazy has the first episode subbed, and EPDrama has 19 episodes up, but none subbed that I can tell. Also, someone mentioned that you can go to and search for Ugly Alert to see translations of what's happening as you watch.

    Hopefully it doesn't go the way of I Live in Cheongdamdong, which I've been hoping to see subbed forever.

    1. Yeah, these dailies are always hard to find which is why I was surprised that DF added Crazy Love. Well, we will both be on the look out!

  2. the main thing is.. no subbers team willing to take these drama. If only just one good-soul-subber willing to do so.. u will find these drama easily everywhere.. believe me.
    I'm also soooo desperately looking for Ugly Alert subbers. I've download the episodes and re-encode it.. but it stuck there cannot be upload..just becoz there is no subs.. SIGHHH..

    1. I know! I'm always happy when they do! That's why I was surprised to find Crazy Love being done. But I'll continue to search high and low for these. And I will definitely let you know if I ever find them!

    2. Hope you read this. I found Ugly Alert on DarkSmurfsubs. They have a new player where you can watch it directly!! NO ADS!!!!!

  3. If you find Thorn Flower subbed let me know, pleaasee
    I am looking for Your Woman, the female lead is from Yellow Boots and can't find anything. Right now reading recaps on Soompi:)
    Saw a bit of Sincerity on KBS World whenever I manage to get away early from work, lol
    Its a daily and start pretty early for me to catch up:)
    I guess not many subbers cause the dramas are so long
    Pity I can't read Chinese cos its on the sites with Chinese subs like Dramastyle

    1. Yeah, I've found everything but English! Even though these are daily, the episodes are only 1/2 long so 100 is 50; 120 is 60 and we know they sub those but it is an investment. Yeah, Yellow Boots is my Christmas break watch.