Friday, August 30, 2013

Seo Woo to attempt at "The Daughter of the Emperor"

Seo Woo to attempt at "The Daughter of the Emperor"

Actress Seo Woo is attempting at her first bad girl role. Seo Woo is starring in the MBC TV drama "The Daughter of the Emperor" or Emperor's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang as Seol-hee, a femme fatale who steals her step-sister Seol-nan's fate and living like a princess.

Seo Wo said, "I'm so happy to be back with a historical. I feel everything has gone back to the beginning. Don't hate my role!"

"The Daughter of the Emperor" will be broadcasted after "Gu Am Heo Jun" and is about the family story of the Baek-jae Empire and their love. The rest of the cast has not been announced.

Source: and hancinema

My thoughts: Oh my! My girl as a bitch (excuse my language), this has definitely peeked my interest! Her first historical role since Tamra (which I admit I haven't watched yet). As she has some experience, this shouldn't be took difficult for her; however, playing the evil one will definitely be new and exciting for me! Seo Woo is not a favorite of a lot of people but she is definitely one of mine!!

Will I ever get a drama break?!!!

What I've seen of her filmography

Cinderella's Sister (one of my top favorite dramas!!)
Tamra Island (One day I will watch this!!)

The Housemaid (really strange movie)
Crush and Blush (alas was on the now defunct Dramacrazy)


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