Friday, March 21, 2014

Lee Dong Hae will Join God's Quiz 4

Super Junior's Lee Dong-hae to star in OCN 
"God's Quiz Season 4"
Source: star.moneytoday and Hancinema

Super Junior's Lee Dong-hae has been cast for the OCN drama "God's Quiz Season 4". According to SM Entertainment, Lee Dong-hae stars in the drama as Han Si-woo, an elite rookie at the Korean University Hospital Law Department where matters of rare diseases were dealt with.

Han Si-woo is an elite and hardworking character who comes from the Korean Medical University straight into the law department. He's a hardcore fan of Han Jin-woo (Ryoo Deok-hwan) and has memorized all of his dissertations and prefaces.

Producer Lee Hye-yeong said, "Lee Dong-hae is starring in "God's Quiz Season 4" as a member of the research board. He's shown what he can do through various dramas so we expect him to add life into this drama". Yoon Joo-hee is also returning as Kang Kyeong-hee.

Meanwhile, "God's Quiz Season 4" stands as a medical and criminal investigations drama about elite doctors who track down deaths and unsolved mysteries related to rare diseases. To be aired for the first time on the 18th of May at 11PM.

My Thoughts:  I see another KDrama Chat drama in our future! As I loved Panda and Hedgehog, I'm really looking forward to this. What about you?

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