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Drama Thoughts: Soo Baek Hyang~~The Last 25 Episodes-Where Can We Go From Here?

Thoughts and Scenarios for the Last 25 Episodes of
The King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang
As we head into the last 25 episodes (drama has now been cut from 120 to 110), we are trying hard to figure out what happens next
UPDATE: That's what I LOVE about this drama! Totally unpredictable! If you have seen episode 88, you know exactly what I mean!!

It is obvious that the conflict now begins between Prince Jinmu and Crown Prince Myungnong. I believe the battle will include both the males and their female counterparts. While Solnan will be battling back the ills that her siblings (sad thought, huh) are trying to do against Baekje, Solhi will be trying her best to get rid of her sister by any means necessary. Sure, for now she is avoiding the Korguryo General but that won't be for long and I don't think even Jinmu and Chancellor Yon will know about these happenings.
I won't even begin to wonder where the romance and love will go. We got to see Prince Myungnong finally smile again for the first time in a few episodes as he was anticipating his love, Solnan returning but poor Solnan, I don't remember the last time she really smiled! Maybe ep 75/76 before she left Baekje? And both times was with the Prince. Oh to see her smile again!
Okay, because this drama has me in knots and constantly thinking, here are some of the scenarios I've come up with for the ending episodes:
Scenario 1: The way I see it, the only person who needs to find the truth out at this point is Solnan. Jinmu is too far gone in his madness. The next few episodes will definitely be the defensive moves fighting off the evil siblings of Solnan. I think the King, if he becomes ill, in his delirium tells Solnan, who is visiting him that he switched the sons. This MASSIVE burden would be lifted from her shoulder. But of course, she is sworn to secrecy to never reveal this to Prince Myungnong or Jinmu. 
I’m pretty sure that Solhi (and Jinmu) will most likely die but Solhi will die as Soo Baek Hyang (SBH). I just don’t think that can ever come out, for political reasons that SBH was fake. With the recent episode, I think we are getting real close to the scenes from the 1st ep I don’t think that will be in the last week. What do you think? If only Solnan knows the secret, Crown Prince and Solnan could live happily ever after. Jinmu and Solhi will mostly be dead so who can tell the secret? No one living will ever know Solnan was the real SBH (or living likely to tell).
Scenario 2: Forever alone, that's what our poor Solnan will be at the end of this drama. Solnan and Prince Myungnong will fight off Jinmu, Chancellor Yon and Solhi in their treasonous acts. Jinmu and Chancellor Yon will be exiled along with Solhi but later after the King dies, they are all given the poison. Again, Jinmu will never know that he was the King's real son (I still think this is too painful of a secret to come out). However, Solnan will remain believing that Prince Myungnong is her half brother. Maybe in this scenario, the Crown Prince will also know but again for political reasons, this fact of the fake SBH will never come out but remain a secret until death. The last scene will be Solnan, years later, standing over Crown Prince (now King Seong)'s grave crying just like his dream.

I really don't have a third scenario. I just don't think the writer will let the secret of the switch or the fake SBH to become public knowledge. I really think that only certain people will find out the truth. I am also convinced that the only way the Crown Prince will figure out the truth is from one of these people:

This is a Work in Progress.
 Look for more thoughts as we get closer to ep 90-95 whereby the the direction of this drama will be determined by then

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