Tuesday, July 9, 2013

She is Wow- A Retrospective

She is Wow and a Non-Perfect Ending? 

Yes, In Typical K-Drama Fashion

First of all, if you have not seen the ending and you are watching this drama, I will give you time to click away from this rant.

Ok, What the HELL was that?!!! Seriously? Really? Did the writers change mid-way or did the drugs and medication wear off or something? What I found interesting at the beginning of the finale was that it was going the route of "Who Dun It?" and I really thought that was kind of clever. The writer(s) set up the scenario where all three female characters entered the house and had the opportunity to kill poor Sung Gi. My feelings at that time was "Ok, this is pretty neat!" 

However, then what was neat went into the, excuse my language, the wtf**kery territory! I could not BELIEVE it!! Firstly, you are going to try to convince me that all of these years, out of some freaking guilty conscious, that Gong Jung Han was having a homosexual relationship with Sung Gi simply because?!! What?!! Who the HELL would do that?!!  I literally had to stop the drama and started laughing out loud at the ridiculous notion! It's been several hours since I saw the finale and I'm still trying to figure that one out.

If that wasn't bad enough, let's not begin to forget the rushed and stupid explanation of the weirdest Housemaid ever story! After all those years, how in the hell did Jo Ah Ra and Gong Jung Han NOT know her background? Why do I say that? Because here in the US, I don't think anyone works for movie stars and other celebrities without a background check. To think that these two people who depend solely on public perception would allow someone in their home, access to everything in their home, access to their child and NOT know their background is totally unbelievable to me! Considering how private Korean stars try to stay and how squeaky clean they like their persona to remain, would you believe this?

On the brother from hell. So now at the nth hour he has concern for his sister's well-being? What happened to his concern about 5-6 episodes ago when he began trying to find dirt and gossip on his own sister? To leave him totally unscathed was a total let-down.

The General, his wife, his minions and the weirdest looking dog I've ever seen (okay some will find him cute)? They could have left that part of the finale on the cutting room floor. Just saying. Just my opinion.

Now, the only saving grace of the entire finale was Min Gyu. He was cute, funny, and adorable from the beginning to end. His conversation with Sung Gi was so sweet and personal, I really liked that scene. At the end, he didn't care so much as that he wanted everyone happy again; including his hyung!

Two final notes. 
Was the shot focusing on the bat in the basement a dig on the Korean police and their ineptness? Was I the only one who thought that? Remember, the last thing the detective said was they were looking for the murder weapon. If the bat was still in the house, why in the HELL didn't they find it?

Was I the only one who was looking from left to right; front to back when the family was sitting on the street in the car waiting for a truck, car or bus to come barreling into them, all possibly driven by the wacky housemaid? Was I really the only one? C'mon, she said even if it meant killing them all! And who said the police caught her at the airport (again, a dig on the ineptness)?

Overall, as it was only 12 episodes, I cannot say that I wasted my entire time, I've wasted a HELL of a lot more hours on a whole lot of dramas. But one thing I did get out of this was a great introduction to Jung Jin Young as Min Gyu. Before you say I should know him because he is in B1A4, you have to remember that I don't know squat about K-Pop! But now when I see his name, I will be really curious to see him again and his future roles. So for that, thank you She is Wow and no, I would NEVER recommend you to anybody!

                                  Thanks for making this entertaining!!



  1. First of, that dog is cute. I don't care what you say :P

    Secondly, no, you're not the only one. I was waiting for some ghost truck to wipe them all dead LOL. Yeap, the thought came to mind but it didn't happen. Sigh... I was hoping for a dramatic ending and driving to the end of the world or horizon was so booooooorrring!

    Thirdly, I hate the maid. Gosh, she annoyed me. She was so sneaky to begin with I could just tell from her butt face.

    Fourth, I was extremely shocked by Sung-Gi's intention. Yet he still say he cares for them? That is just so twisted! I was pissed at the scene I really had to sit and reflect at the hours I've spent on this drama.

    Ok, that's it. I'm so glad we get to discuss this together. :)

  2. I know I'm late to the party, but:

    1) That dog is all the rage in Korea right now...a member of a popular girl group (Minzy of 2NE1) has a similar dog.
    2) The bat, the missing crazy lady, etc., made me think they had plans to film more and got cancelled. I honestly think they weren't getting the ratings they needed (being gay is frowned down upon in S. Korea....and to look in the mirror of this drama, to see how crazy common people get over the lives of idols, probably was something Korea didn't want to see either), so they were probably pressed to cram as much of whatever storyline they were working on into an episode. I really think they had plans to have at least a few more episodes in, including the police characters, more of the neighbors, the family starting to act as a family again, public reaction to everything that had happened, and crazy lady plotting some more.

    3) I, too, thought they were about to get hit at the intersection, until I noticed it was a 'T' intersection with the leg of the 'T' blocked off by concrete pillar things. Because of Kdramas (and a little of "Final Destination"), I now find myself bracing for a "hit out of nowhere" whenever a car or a person stops on a road.

    1. The drama was always slated for 10-12 ep. So I don't understand the what or how. The premise of the story was known from the beginning. If the writer/producer was uncomfortable about tackling such a subject, it should have never gone there. The story went so well at the beginning which is why I raved about it (see my previous post) but then it took the worse turn a drama can take: changed the story; no totally f**ked up the story and turned it into to trash. Bad enough when I waste my time on a drama I never liked but I really did like this one. I was very, very disappointed.

      Dog may be the rage but I still thought it was ugly! Now Barassi in Let's Eat? ADORABLE!!