Friday, July 5, 2013

Kim Hyun-Joong Returns to the Screen? Now this is Definitely Big News!!

Kim Hyun-joong comes back with a drama in 3 years

Kim Hyun-joong is coming back with the role of hero Sin Jeong-tae in the new KBS drama "Generation of Youth".

"Generation of Youth" is based in 1930 Shanghai about youths who go through love, friendship and passion. Sin Jeong-tae is clumsy and random at times but he is the greatest fighter in all of the backstreets of Shanghai.

Based on the original by Bang Hak-gi, Kim Hyun-joong is finally making his first drama come back in 3 years. He was to return sooner with "City Conquest" but had to step down as it fell through.
Source: TVDaily and Hancinema

Now this was BIG news this morning! I had to immediately post it for all to see!! When the ill-fated City Conquest was cancelled, I mourned its lose because I thought it was going to be an exciting and different role for him. But from the brief information on this, this might be a good substitute! I know, a lot of people call him stiff in his acting, but I've always personally liked his characters! Hell, if I can watch one butt arrogant character after another in other dramas, I can tolerate his. This from someone who LIKED Playful Kiss, my third drama ever watched!

Who's excited with me?!!!

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